SPORTS Individual Software 1year

Heart rate variability based analysis tool for professional athletes interested in monitoring, analyzing and optimizing training periodization!

Firstbeat SPORTS Individual Software:

  • 1-year license
  • Free updates for a year

SPORTS Individual software allows the analysis and monitoring of max. two athletes. In case you're interested in monitoring bigger groups or teams check out the SPORTS Team Pack.



Firstbeat SPORTS Individual software 1-year license

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  • SPORTS Analytics: 1. Recovery index 2. HR & EPOC 3. Endurance training classification
  • Export training reports

Firstbeat SPORTS Individual Software is designed for individual athletes and coaches for monitoring the training load and recovery. In addition to unique training load assessment (EPOC & Training Effect) the system provides a novel heart rate variability based stress and recovery analysis tool helping the athlete in optimizing the training periodization.


Training Monitor*

Monitor the training load and intensity in real time and make sure you reach the goals set for the workout.


See the training status at a glance. Identify an increased risk of poor performance and overtraining.

Detailed Reporting

Get training reports instantly. Heart rate variability based in-depth analytics reveal training load and recovery.

Overnight Recovery Test

Detect early signs of overtraining and see how daily stress factors influence the body.

Quick Recovery Test

Assess your recovery in 5 minutes. Instant feedback provides a recovery score (0-100%) and recovery progress at your individual level.

Fitness Testing

Test the fitness (VO2max) using sport specific protocols, such as beep test, yo-yo test and Conconi fitness test.

*Requires Firstbeat Real-time monitoring kit


  • English & Finnish
  • Reports available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian and Finnish
Real time monitor:
  • Monitor 2 athletes at the same time: Heart rate, % HRmax, %VO2max, EPOC, Training Effect, TRIMP, 1-5 color coded training zones, kcal, timer with laps, follow-up view
Recovery and stress assessment:
  • Overnight recovery test: HRV based recovery index, scaled recovery index (%), stress and recovery reactions (time, proportions), Heart rate information (min/avg/max), follow-up view of recovery progress
  • Quick recovery test: 5-minutes test for groups providing HRV based recovery score (%) for team and individual level, recovery progress (direction), individual follow-up view for the last 6 days.
  • Daily stress report: Physiological state detection showing stress, recovery and physical activity periods during the measurement period.
Fitness testing:
  • VO2max assessment for YoYo fitness test (IR1 & IR2), Beep test, Conconi test (cycling and running) and for freely editable submaximal and maximal fitness test protocols for cycling, rowing, running and walking.
Efficient reporting:
  • PDF and CSV reports: Group and individual level reporting for training, stress, recovery, fitness testing and HRV derived variables.

Export and Import features:

  • Data export in csv files for single measurements and for multi- measurements
  • Profile and data exports/imports in FBE-file format (compatible with Firstbeat SPORTS, ATHLETE and HEALTH)
  • GPS data export
  • Data import (SDF, STE, HRM) from Polar team2, Polar precision performance, Suunto Training manager, Catapult, Acentas, FRWD

Extended HRV and data analysis tools:

  • Option to export second-by-second data or summary data for corrected and raw RR-I data, HR, %HRmax, VO2, %VO2max, EPOC, Training Effect, RespR, Ventilation, EE, fat and carbohydrate expenditure, RMSSD, HF,LF,VLF, TRIMP (summary), Recovery index (summary)
  • Option to view and print HR and HRV variables in graphs from the selected time period


  • Firstbeat: Bodyguard, Bodyguard 2, Team Receiver 80, Team Receiver 30, Receiver 10
  • Garmin: Forerunner 310XT, 610 and 910XT, Manually 620 and 920XT
  • Suunto: AMBIT-series, t6-series, Memorybelt, Team POD, PC POD
  • Polar: RS800, RS800CX, CS600, S810, Team 2 (data export)
  • Data export from beat-to-beat recording heart rate monitoring devices (Catapult, FRWD, Vital Jacket, Digital Simulation)
  • Windows OS (XP with service pack 2, Vista, 7, 8)
  • 512MB RAM
  • Intel Pentium III or AMD 1GHz
  • Free disk space of 50 MB
  • Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or later
  • Screen resolution 1024 x 768

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