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  1. Firstbeat SPORTS Team Pack

    SPORTS Team Pack

    Firstbeat SPORTS Team Pack is specifically designed for monitoring training load and recovery in professional and collegiate team sports. Monitor up to 80 athletes at once - in real time!

    Customize SPORTS Team Pack according to your needs. Choose:

    • *SPORTS Software license:
      • 1-year or
      • lifelong
    • *The number of heart rate belts
    • *The number of receivers:
      • Team Receiver (range 200m, up to 80 users simultaneously)
      • Receiver 30 (range 30m, up to 10 users simultaneously)
    • The number of BODYGUARD2 HRV sensors
    • The amount of electrodes for the BODYGUARD2
      • 100pcs box
      • 500pcs box



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  2. Firstbeat Real-Time Monitoring Kit

    Real-Time Monitoring Kit


    Firstbeat real-time monitoring kit provides real time on-screen feedback during the training monitoring, fitness testing and quick recovery test assessments.

    Firstbeat Real-time Monitoring Kit includes:

    • Firstbeat heart-rate belt
    • Firstbeat Receiver 10

    Note: Firstbeat Real-Time Monitoring Kit enables the use of the real-time monitoring features in Firstbeat SPORTS and SPORTS Individual software. The software is sold separately.

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  3. Firstbeat SPORTS Individual software 1-year license

    SPORTS Individual Software 1year


    Heart rate variability based analysis tool for professional athletes interested in monitoring, analyzing and optimizing training periodization!

    Firstbeat SPORTS Individual Software:

    • 1-year license
    • Free updates for a year

    SPORTS Individual software allows the analysis and monitoring of max. two athletes. In case you're interested in monitoring bigger groups or teams check out the SPORTS Team Pack.

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