Lifestyle Assessment as a Service

Service includes:

  • 3-day round-the-clock heart rate variability assessment, covering work, exercise and leisure time

  • Shipping and returning of the Bodyguard2 measuring device

  • Clear and comprehensive report based on your data sent to you via e-mail

  • 30 minute feedback call (in English) with our wellbeing specialist

  • Recommendations for improving your wellbeing.

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  • Lifestyle Assessment as a Service

How do I start measuring myself with the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment?

  1. You will receive the Bodyguard2 measuring device via mail and link to e-diary via e-mail.
  2. Follow the instructions: start the measurement within a week of receiving the measuring device and fill in your e-diary daily.
  3. Return the device using the return envelope
  4. Once your results are done, you will get a link to book a feedback call (only in English) with our specialist. You will receive your Lifestyle Assessment report prior to the feedback.

Lifestyle Assessment in a nutshell

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment is based on round-the-clock heartbeat measurement. The assessment helps you to connect the dots between lifestyle and well-being and learn how to manage stress, enchance recovery and quality of sleep, and exercise right. Small changes can have a dramatic impact on your overall wellbeing.


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