Bodyguard 2 - Pack of 10

Accurate 24h heart rate variability recording

  • Firstbeat Bodyguard heartbeat recording device, 10 pcs

NOTE: Electrodes purchased separately

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Designed for 24h heart rate monitoring –daily life, work, sleep and exercise.

Firstbeat Bodyguard 2 is a reliable R-R interval recording device for short and long-term measurements. The device is lightweight and easy to use: Attach the device directly to the skin with two chest electrodes and the Bodyguard 2 starts recording data automatically. Bodyguard 2 has been designed for 24h recordings and can be used during exercise and in other demanding conditions. Data from Bodyguard 2 can be downloaded directly to Firstbeat software (Lifestyle Assessment Analysis server*, Firstbeat SPORTS)**.

  • Records heartbeat (R-R) and movement data
  • Light weight and unobtrusive
  • Thin, ergonomic design
  • Starts recording automatically when attached
  • Data download and battery charged directly via USB port

*Does not include access to Lifestyle Assessment Analysis Server

**NOTE: Includes the device only. For data download and analysis, Firstbeat Analysis Server or SPORTS software are required.

  • Inbuilt 3-axis accelometer
  • Rechargeable battery (battery life 6 days)
  • Charging time 1 hour (via USB).
  • 20 days storage capacity with default accelometer settings*
  • IP52 (in recording mode)
  • Weight 24 g
  • Measurement accuracy for R-R recording 1 ms (sampling frequency 1000 Hz)
  • Accelerometer settings:
    • Sampling frequency 1.56 Hz – 200 Hz
    • Resolution 8 bit, 14 bit
    • G-scale 2G, 4G, 8G
*With default accelerometer settings: 12.5Hz, 8 bit, 4G

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