Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment

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Firstbeat reveals the link between lifestyle and well-being.

  • Do you get enough recovery? How well do you sleep?
  • Do you experience too much stress? Which events consume and restore your resources?
  • Are you active enough? Are you exercising effectively?

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment Service includes: 

  • A three-day round-the-clock measurement of heart rate variability during work, sleep and leisure time
  • Shipping and returning of the Bodyguard 2 measuring device
  • A clear and easy to interpret personal report of your assessment via e-mail
  • 30-minute feedback call with one of our well-being specialists
  • Recommendations for next steps to improve your well-being

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment starts with a three-day measuring period you can carry out with no disruption to your everyday routine. It continues with a feedback call from a well-being specialist who talks you through your personal report outlining the factors affecting your well-being and performance.

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How do I start measuring myself with the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment?

  1. You will receive the Bodyguard 2 measuring device in the mail and the link to your e-diary via e-mail.
  2. Start the measurement within a week of receiving the measuring device and fill in your e-diary daily. Instructions are provided.
  3. Return the device using the return envelope.
  4. Once your results have been analyzed, you will get a link to book a feedback call (only available in English) with a specialist. You will receive your Lifestyle Assessment report prior to the feedback.

What others say about us

Learn how your body reacts

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment helps you connect the dots between lifestyle and well-being by tracking heart rate variability. Learn how to manage stress, enhance recovery and quality of sleep, and exercise right and discover small changes that can have a dramatic impact on your overall well-being.

The same technology used in the Lifestyle Assessment is used by Premier League and Premiership Rugby clubs to help boost player performance and recovery. Firstbeat also works with organizations across the globe, such as the NHS, to help employees perform better and improve resilience.  

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment provides concrete information on your well-being and helps you reach your health and performance potential with science-backed confidence.   

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